Our Story

Nov 06, 2019: We started a local "Critical Thinking" class in Foster City, U.S.A.

Feb 02, 2020: We unfortunately had to discontinue our "Critical Thinking" class because of the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic getting stronger.


Jun 12, 2020: We started having talks of bringing back our class, this time in a professional, online form.

Jul 04, 2020: Our first online class was launched, and became a success!

Aug 15, 2020: We changed our video communications platform to Larksuite.

Aug 17, 2020: We launched our own podcast, which is available on many platforms!


Sep 04, 2020: Futuristic Thinking, a subsection inside General Knowledge, got changed & renamed to Fun Thinking.

Oct 24, 2020: We conducted our first major event, in league with Silicon Valley Chess Club.

Nov 06, 2020: Our first anniversary as a learning platform is announced.

Nov 14, 2020: Our "Technology" batch is founded, starring Coach Anant!!





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